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Dr. Snehal Patel and his dental staff are committed to patients’ complete oral health. We provide specialized oral surgery to address your advanced needs, whether you require wisdom teeth extraction, implant placement, or reconstructive jaw and facial procedures. We see patients of all ages, providing expert oral and maxillofacial care to the Northern Virginia community. 

Our state-of-the-art practice in Springfield has helped ensure patients wellbeing since 2012. Above all, we make sure your visit is comfortable and your procedures are efficiently delivered. When coordinating with your general dentist or other medical providers, we ensure the highest standards of personal care and strive to exceed expectations. 

We offer the following specialized oral surgeries: 

Wisdom Teeth Extraction
Dental Implant Treatment
Orthognathic Surgery
Bone Grafts, Sinus Lifts, and Ridge Augmentation
Dental Sedation

Welcoming New Patients and Referrals

When you have extensive surgical needs, we offer expert care to achieve optimal oral health. We fulfill the extensive dental needs patients have and create a positive experience with personal attention. All treatments are tailored to address the unique concerns and health issues our patients face, offering the procedures they require to suit their needs. 

At Lorton Springfield Dental Implants & Oral Surgery, we accept both referrals and self-referred patients, making oral and maxillofacial surgery accessible to those who want excellent care.  

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If you’re wondering about insurance coverage and the cost of care, we walk patients through their payment options, ensuring there are no financial surprises. We also make sure our post-operative instructions are as clear as possible to encourage efficient healing and minimize the risk of complications. 

Feel free to contact us directly or request a referral to schedule a consultation. We will meet with patients, discuss their needs, and procure a treatment plan. If you’re having an emergency, please call us immediately. 


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Lorton Springfield Dental Implant & Oral Surgery | Springfield 

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