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Teeth-in-an-Hour in Lorton, IL

Teeth-in-an-hour is a dental implant option that significantly reduces the waiting time between having implant posts placed and restorations attached to restore total tooth loss. At Lorton-Springfield Dental Implants & Oral Surgery, our dedicated team of professionals offers this treatment process as an efficient way to restore their smiles.

Restorative dental work can be an involved process for patients who’ve had all their teeth extracted. Traditional dental implant procedures require e healing period of several months before restorations are added and your smile is complete. Nobel Biocare developed the teeth-in-an-hour technique to eliminate the experience of dealing with visible tooth loss while waiting for your smile to fully heal.

Convenient Tooth Replacement in Lorton

The preparation for teeth-in-an-hour is completed several weeks ahead of time. Over the course of in-depth consultations, we determine if this innovative treatment is the best solution to your missing teeth and ill-fitting dentures. Teeth-in-an-Hour allows the implants to be placed and the restorations attached in the same hour-long appointment, as prosthetics have been fabricated well ahead of time.

This procedure is accomplished in a significantly reduced time frame by using computer aided technology and manufacturing. We utilize our on-site CBCT scanner to create a virtual model of the implant and restoration together, including exactly where the posts will be implanted. We utilize these scans to develop surgical guides printed by an in-office 3D printer to ensure implant placement is successful. Once implants are placed, we invite you back to the practice after your jaw has been healed. This time allows for the implants to integrate and fuse with the existing jaw bone to ensure a strong, stable implant post. A Trios Scanner to scan encode abutments which eliminate the impression for the dentist if they so chose. Prosthetics are fabricated to look and feel like your natural teeth and ready to be placed at the time of your appointment.

Qualifying Candidate for Teeth-in-an-Hour

Complications can occur if nothing is done to replace missing teeth as soon as possible. Without a tooth root, or an implant mimicking a tooth root, the jaw structure can start to deteriorate. Patients who have had their teeth extract and have not sought immediate treatment are likely to experience bone resorption. 

The ideal patient for teeth-in-an-hour is someone who has a strong and healthy jawbone to support implants. We utilize our CBCT scanner to determine the health of your jaw bone and gum tissues. This allows our team to skip the bone grafting process, which will add recovery time to the treatment schedule. At Lorton-Springfield Dental Implants & Oral Surgery, we have an array of services that can restore your bone and gum health, allowing you to become a treatment to receive dental implant treatment.

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Dr. Snehal Patel provides missing teeth replacement treatment and takes the time to answer any questions patients may have. At Lorton Spring Field Dental Implants & Oral Surgery, our experienced team helps patients determine if Teeth-in-an-Hour will meet their goals. Call us today to schedule your consultation for this time-saving restorative procedure.





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